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Reverse Anjali Mudra - Pashchima Namaskarasana

As we close this year, 2022, reverse Anjali Mudra, calms our mind and allows us to clear our head and focus on our breath. Sitting in contemplation, with your hands in this mudra, as you consider the year that has gone by you will find this mudra can calm your mind as you consider all blessings, achievements, learnings with gratitude.

There is so much more to learn with yoga and there are hundreds of mudras. One can tap into subtle energies, practice mindfulness and deepen meditation, with multiple benefits to overall wellbeing.

Anjali Mudra can activate and balance the heart chakra, restoring harmony in the chakras allowing energy to flow and balancing the body. This mudra is a particularly grounding and calming mudra.

In yoga practice Anjali Mudra is incorporated into various poses and reverse Anjali Mudra, or Pashchima Namaskarasana is a pose with your hands behind your back. Namaskarasana means ‘greeting’ and Pashchima means ‘backside’.

To do this mudra join your palms behind your back with your fingers pointing downwards. Then on an inhale rotate your wrists so your fingers come towards your spine and lift your hands and continue rotating until your pinky fingers are along your spine. A challenging pose if you have tight shoulders but a beneficial pose as its opens and strengthens the wrists, hands, forearms, also stretching and relieving tension and stress in collarbones and shoulders.

Each day we can learn something new from this beautiful ancient practice of yoga. Thank you to all our teachers, guru's, guides and friends who we learn from. and practice with, as we follow our individual yoga journeys.

Share with us how you found this practice, or if you had any challenges, or insights. We would love to hear from you.

In peace and gratitude

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