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Need to clear the energy in your home?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

We have ethically sourced Sacred Palo Santo wood available for you at Ananda Sanctuary, after a long wait.

This Palo Santo wood has been imported from an established organisation in South America involved with a pilot project of reforestation of Palo Santo trees in a 50 hectare piece of land. To date 10,000 Palo Santo trees have been planted through this nonprofit.

This organisation only collects and processes naturally dead branches and trunks, without cutting down any living trees, to avoid damaging the surrounding area or making new paths. This is not harvesting of Palo Santo but recollecting (pick up) of naturally dead Palo Santo.

If you need to clear the energy in your home you can buy ethically sourced Palo Santo from Ananda Sanctuary. It is from the same supplier we have used for many years, ethically sourced from Peru from a sustainable farm.

It burns very well and has a divine, woody scent that is unmistakeable. It’s a very special magical wood that we are so grateful to have received again after a lengthy wait. Purchase soon as we have only limited stock.

It's important to consider what Palo Santo you are purchasing. If you notice your Palo Santo burns longer it may be pine dipped in oil as ethically sourced untreated Palo Santo will go out after a minute or so.

Palo Santo is perfect for smudging self, a room, home, sacred space or for use during meditation, yoga, ritual or ceremony, counseling practice, energy healing, reiki and therapy work. Use Palo Santo along with smudge, crystals, singing bowls, cacao, incense, sound, dance and other special healing tools we have to traverse different spaces and moments in time.

Palo Santo cannot just be left burning like incense so treat carefully, knowing the value and power of this holy wood.

burning palo santo clears away negative energy

We sell Palo Santo at Ananda Sanctuary for R60 a stick or R150 for a 3-bundle gift.

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