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A Yoga Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of Woodstock, Ananda Sanctuary is a premier yoga sanctuary powered by sustainable solar energy. Our Victorian double-story building is an oasis of wellness, offering a broad spectrum of yoga classes, including heated and unheated sessions, as well as aerial yoga. 

As a leading yoga destination, Ananda Sanctuary boasts multiple studio spaces illuminated by natural light, where yoga enthusiasts can refine their poses and breathing techniques. The highlight of our sanctuary is a spacious 90sqm state-of-the-art infrared heated studio, perfect for yoga classes that tap into the transformative power of heat.

The sanctuary extends beyond yoga, featuring an open-air courtyard abundant with succulents, a serene front garden, and a peaceful koi conservatory. These spaces, coupled with our commitment to solar power, embody our vision of a yoga sanctuary that aligns with nature and sustainability.

Additional amenities at Ananda Sanctuary include a fully-equipped kitchen, bathrooms with shower facilities, and a welcoming reception area. We also house a dedicated wellness shop and bookstore, providing resources to deepen your yoga practice and overall well-being. 

Enhance your wellness journey with our Reiki and energy therapy sessions, available by appointment at our yoga sanctuary. Participate in our workshops, trainings, ceremonies, and open days for an immersive experience that combines movement, wellness, connection, and community.

Conveniently located in Woodstock, minutes from Cape Town CBD, our yoga sanctuary ensures ample and safe parking. If you're considering hosting a special event, our space is available for bookings. Visit Ananda Sanctuary, your yoga sanctuary, for a unique experience that blends the power of yoga with wellness and community.

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