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Knee issues? Understand and heal energy blockages in the knees

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Our knees keep us stable and grounded and support us in life. If you are having issues with your knees look to what you can do to shift blocked energy and unblock the less-known knee chakra.

Look to where you are in your life and what choices you are faced with? What is your body telling you, calling you to hear?

- our bodies often shout out to us with pain, inflammation, soreness and tenderness, calling us to pay closer attention, to go within, soften and listen to our deepest wisdom and truth. If you are experiencing keen issues what is your body telling you?

understand knee issues
Our knees are critical connectors in our body

Take up a pen and journal, grab a cuppa, something warm to drink, take a comfy seat and sit down and consider the following... be entirely honest with yourself... and start journalling.

Are you at at crossroads in your life?

Are you needing to make choices, or shift direction?

Are you feeling fulfilled, happy, satisfied?

Are you following your true life purpose?

Do you even know your life purpose and do you have a clear goal/direction for your life?

Our knees can carry the weight and heaviness of our direction in life and can be influenced by what we are carrying, what feels heavy and cumbersome, what makes us sad or afraid, what is it that we cannot let go of, or leave behind?

Does this resonate with you?

Connect to any discomfort or pain in your knees (or elsewhere in your body) and look to understand the lesson of the pain, use your healing journey to help shift through the blockage and pain. What do you feel intuitively that your knee pain is telling you?

The knee chakra connects to your base chakra, or root chakra, and can contribute to your grounding in life and presence on earth in this physical world. At the end of an energy or reiki healing sessions, the knees are held to ground, ensuring the knee chakra is 'settled' and 'clear'. This balancing and grounding of energy at the knees helps provide support and protect after a healing session and before a client steps back into their physicality.

It is said that the knees are an energetic bridge between the physical world we inhabit and our spiritual expansion and the knee chakra is a powerful point to hold and support us in this physical world. Call it a bridge between dimensions, a stabiliser, a conduit, aligning us to the powerful role of our knees in our journey through life. The upper chakras / energy centres (crown, third eye, throat and heart) connect through to the lower chakras / energy centres (solar plexus, sacral and base) or our more earthbound energy points. So the energy of our cosmic spiritual realm and the connection to our earthly, physical realm can be blocked, or positively aligned and flow smoothly.

With the knees as this bridging dimension we can look to the choices we are making in life when we have knee issues. Are we choosing to ignore our chosen direction? Are we being inflexible? Are we neglecting our spiritual development by being too obsessed in an earthly world, to the detriment of our spiritual development and true life purpose?

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Photos by Jasmin Schreiber and Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

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