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Bev Slauck

Bev grew up practicing yoga in her grans classes. Having had such a strong foundation was a key factor in making the decision to not only deepen her own practice , but to start teaching as well


Bev completed her 500 hour advanced teacher training with Catherine Wilkinson with a focus on vinyasa, power vinyasa, yin and hot 26.  

Yoga is the practice of discipline. Through this discipline our mind and body find synchronicity, our reality shifts and we are able to discover our true selves. Yoga has taught her to be grateful for our bodies, which are capable of such much, our minds which are so powerful, and our breath, our biggest tool to stay focused on and off the mat! 

What we learn on our mats we take into our daily lives, and she believes that enables  us to be better at living positively 

Teaching Qualifications


  • 200 hour Teacher Training with YoYoga

  • 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Wellness  Connection Yoga 

  • 50 hour Yin Training with Wellness Connection Yoga 

Teaching Disciplines

  • Hot 26

  • Vinyasa

  • Yin

  • Power Vinyasa 

Passions and favourite places

Playing tennis , walking, swimming, painting

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