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About Nurit

Nurit has been in the fitness industry since 2002 qualifying in her teaching training program in Austria at the fitness school AFAS.

She then went onto training in Pilates through Pretoria University and then advancing her training through the sports science institution.

She is an ambassador for Balletrip here in Cape Town and a Barre /Sculpt instructor.

Aside from that she is a professional singer and dancer and has traveled extensively around the globe performing

Teaching Qualifications


  • Personal fitness trainer 
  • Mat work (the ball, therabands, straps and blocks)
  • Pilates training 
  • Sculpt training
  • Barre training 
  • Yoga training at Virgin Active
  • One of the leading ambassadors for Balletrip in Cape town under the instruction of Diane West and The Sports science institution.

Teaching Disciplines

  • Sculpt

  • Pilates 

  • Barre

Passions and favourite places

She has a passion for music, art , flowers and doing things that make me happy as well as others. She has a fondness for problem solving and helping all in need. Her favourite place is where she can find a sense of calm. The sea, her partner playing with her hair, a forest, walking dogs, the beach and anything with soft sounds.

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