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About Lola

Lola is a registered 200 hr yoga teacher and dedicated yogi. She has specific interests in meditation, intuitive movement, dance, ritualism and ceremonial practices. Her yoga practice has become the vehicle in which she stays connected to her body while teaching her patience, presence and most importantly to keep her sense of humour. She believes that movement is medicine and explores movement that is "functional rather than fancy". Her intention is to always create a safe and inclusive space for you to explore movement and tune into your body.

She draws on traditional yoga practices (like mantra, shatkarma and chanting), elements of hatha, vinyasa as well as dance, yoga Nidra and ritualism to form a gorgeous class to tap into embodiment and authenticity. She maintains a yoga ‘on and off the mat’ attitude.

From a young age she was curious about humankind, the body and the mind. She comes from a contemporary dance background where her initial love for movement sparked, this is also prevalent in her teaching. After finishing school she knew that she wanted to travel and receive her yoga certification, she then solo travelled to Bali to embark on this journey and completed her teacher training at House of Om.

Lola’s other interests lie in traditional African healing, psychology, family constellation work, Ayurveda, holistic health, storytelling, work in nature, music and other various healing work. She is chatty, loves to dance frantically in her Dr Martens and is obsessed with apple crumble.

She can’t wait to see you on the mat.

Teaching Qualifications


  • 200hr RYT with House of Om

  • 20hr RYT Trauma Informed Facilitator Training with Legacy Motion 

Teaching Disciplines

  • Vinyasa 

  • Hatha 

  • Gentle Yoga 

  • Yoga Nidra 

Passions and favourite places

You'll find her at the beach for early morning swims and connecting with nature while hiking and camping. She believes a good dance is always the solution and she loves to read and have long chats.

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