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About Anna

Anna was introduced to Yoga from a young age by her mother, an Iyengar teacher. During her travels in 2016, she started to connect more deeply with the practice & decided to further her knowledge through her first teacher training in India.

Although since trained in & influenced by many Yoga styles, Jivamukti Yoga, a Hatha Vinyasa inspired practice, based on a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings - is where Anna has found perspective, passion & purpose.

Yoga has helped Anna overcome many personal challenges and has allowed her deep self-exploration, which has changed the way she perceives & moves through life. On the mat is where she feels like the best version of herself, and she aims to serve others in this way - creating a safe but dynamic practice that enables others to strengthen their understanding of & relationship with themselves.

Anna’s classes have a slower pace & have a strong focus on the breath and alignment, shining awareness on & honouring the body's physical capabilities & needs.

Her objective is for the class to leave one feeling balanced, grounded, connected & present.

Teaching Qualifications


  • 800hr Advanced Jivamukti teacher 

  • 200hrs Hatha Vinyasa

  • 20hr online Yin training 

Teaching Disciplines 

  • Jivamukti 

Passions and favourite places 

  • She loves all things movement, spending time in nature, hiking, travelling, spending quality time with family and friends. Her favourite places are generally anywhere with a prominence of nature, or close to the ocean. After being lucky enough to travel quite a bit, the beauty of where she grew up in the winelands & Cape Town itself never ceases to amaze her. She loves being at home with her family, she will always have a soft spot for Spain, where she lived for 5 years. 

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