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Sacred Cacao Ceremony




2.5 hrs

About the Course

You are warmly invited to share in the raw chocolate medicine of Ceremonial-grade Cacao in this Sacred Ceremony, with Cacao Alchemist Fran Siebrits as she facilitates Cacao Ritual Drinking, Breathwork & Sound for Healing.

Date: Sunday 11 August, (bookings close 8 August or when we are full, so you can be sent your Ceremony Preparations Guide to begin a few days before Ceremony)

Time: 14:00-16:30 (arrival by 13:45 to settle in and open the sacred circle)

This Ceremony Includes:

  • Opening Sacred Space

  • Intention setting & Cacao invocation

  • Ceremonial Cacao receiving, cleansing & drinking ritual

  • Breath-work to cleanse the energetic channels

  • Guided heart opening meditation

  • Sound healing energetic work

  • Journaling reflection

  • Guided relaxation

  • Sharing Circle

  • Closing Sacred Space


  • R555 pp

  • Full payment secures your spot

  • Book on the MindBody app


  • NOTE: You will be sent a Ceremony Preparation Guide via email to implement a few days before Ceremony, so please book as soon as possible to start your preparations


Listening to the call of my heart & whisper of my soul,I find myself drawn to sit in Circle…To be facilitated in Ceremony…To partake in the medicine of Mama Cacao…To open my Heart…To invite more Compassion, Kindness & Love to my life.

Your Instructor

Fran Siebrits

Fran Siebrits

Meet Cacao Alchemist Fran Siebrits who facilitates our Cacao Ceremonies, which include Cacao Ritual Drinking, Breathwork & Sound for Healing.

After being part of a long list of studios & wellness institutions around the world, Fran Siebrits founded Tuning In Wellness, Little Studio & Cape Cacao. Built on the foundation of an authentic purpose, she teaches, guides, facilitates & supports clients throughout various personal growth & well-being practices.
Embracing lifelong learning to develop her methodology & nurturing a connection to nature, a truly unique approach to body & mind techniques has been created. Fran believes that everyone is unique in their journey. Gaining real fulfillment from helping others, she is committed to growing this community of connected individuals.

In her spare time Fran can either be found on a mountain trail, in the sea, immersed in cacao alchemy, or in her apothecary making herbal remedies.

“Through movement, we find healing. Through stillness, we find ourselves.” – Fran Siebrits

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