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Light Priest*ess Foundations Course




3 days

About the Course

Ordained Diamond Light Priestess, Za Rah Kumara, an internationally acclaimed Kundalini Yoga teacher, healer, and Psychotherapist, is set to make a debut appearance in South Africa, hosting the first ever Priest*ess Foundations Course.

“Light Priest*ess Foundations Course” is scheduled for March 15th to 17th 2024 at Ananda Sanctuary.  The event offers participants a profound exploration into Source Light Energy Healing, Light Crystal Healings, Water and Earth Blessings, Aura Harmonizations, Work on the Energy Body, and the foundational teachings of the Light Priestess Work, accompanied by foundations from the Kundalini Yoga Tradition and Sacred Sound and Mantra which is used for Healing and Clearing.

Attendees can anticipate a three-day journey filled with Ceremonial Healing Experiences, curated by Za Rah Kumara.  This program aims to dissolve subconscious blockages, harmonize the aura and relieve past pains and structural blockages, creating room within for a new, enlightened self-perception and opening to a higher timeline in alignment with the true souls desire and a connection to the angelic realms.

Participants can expect a deep and personal journey filled with healing and blessing practices, hands on experience using the pendulum and expanding the knowledge about the light bodies and the psychological apparatus, humanology, meditations, light inclusive stretching and some yoga to prepare the body, live channeling, devotional music, and profound self-awareness practices, as they transition from the divine (Heaven) to the earthly plane (Earth), culminating in the full glory of an awakening of the heart and a possibility to fall in love with your path again.  It’s an opportunity to not only connect with the healing energies that exist within and around us but also to elevate our consciousness to states of peace and harmony, within your life, your home and your surroundings.

In addition to the comprehensive exploration of Kundalini Yoga and Source Light Energy Healing, the event will also introduce participants to the foundational teachings of Light Priestess Work. This course will offer insights into harnessing the power of light crystal, pendulum usage, and healing practices centred around crystals. Those planning to attend may wish to prepare themselves for an immersive involvement that extends beyond the confines of standard educational settings, nurturing the soul and spirit alongside the mind. Whether you’re a longtime practitioner or new to the concepts of Kundalini Yoga and energy healing, the Light Priest*ess Foundations Course with Za Rah Kumara offers a chance to rise, awaken and tap into the profound love that resides within us all.

This is the first Foundation Course of four Light Priestess Modules to receive the blessings as a Light Priest*ess, or to prepare for the actual Healer Training with Za Rah if you wish to participate in it in the future.

Teaching times:

Friday 15th March 2024 : 15:00 - 19:00pm

Saturday 16th March : 10:00 - 13:00 and 16:00 - 19:00

Sunday 17th March : 10:00 - 13:00 and 16:00 - 18:30

Terms & Conditions:

Booking secures your place / limited spaces so book soonest.

No refund policy.

Your Instructor

Za Rah Kumara

Za Rah Kumara

ZA RAH KUMARA is an Author and Psychotherapist with over 22 years of experience working with clients all over the world. In her holistic approach Za Rah complements her work as a Light and Zero-Point Healer, Kundalini Yoga and Healing Arts Trainer, Sacred Music Artist & Light Priestess.

She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Nevada, is a Fulbright Alumni and clinical Psychotherapist with a private doctoral licence in Germany.

Za Rah is bridging the realms between Heaven and Earth, she supports the process of awakening and initiation into the destiny path. She offers guidance and support on one’s journey of self-discovery. With her unique combination of spiritual wisdom, sacred sound and clinical psychology Za Rah offers a powerful approach to self-healing, rejuvenation and transformation. In working with her, individuals and groups may experience a process of reconnecting with their true selves and the divine Source within.

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